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Picking An Exploratory Essay Topic: 24 Great Examples

If you are in need of help picking an exploratory essay topic there are 24 great examples below:

  1. Write about the struggles or the advantages that polygamy has versus monogamy
  2. Write about whether a single parent can raise a child as well as two parents in the home
  3. Write about whether interracial marriages encounter more struggles compared to marriages of the same race
  4. Craft a paper about a single adult without any children should be allowed equal opportunity to adopt a child compared to those who already have children or who are married
  5. Craft a paper about how adoption can help build good families
  6. Craft a paper about how same sex parents are equally effective at parenting compared to conventional parents
  7. Review how religion positively impacts families
  8. Review for the reader how living together as a couple prior to marriage can positively impact a relationship
  9. Review how staying single has benefits compared to marriage, even if you stay with the same partner for a long period of time
  10. Explain to the reader whether relationships are more successful if the man is the primary “breadwinner”
  11. Explain to the reader why love remains one of the most important components for those who are choosing spouses
  12. Explore why it is better for children when their parents stay together in spite of no longer wanting to be together compared to getting a divorce
  13. Explore who should bear the burden of the majority of healthcare costs
  14. Explore whether organically produced food is a better health option
  15. Explore for the reader what changes can be made in order to improve water supply around the world
  16. Explore for the reader whether America should continue to punish countries for their human rights violations or simply ignore it
  17. Explore for the reader whether pets are a beneficial addition to families
  18. Describe whether schools should continue to use traditional textbooks or whether they should only rely on digital textbooks
  19. Describe ways in which college education could be made more affordable for the masses
  20. Describe the best study methods for those preparing for an exam
  21. Explain whether limits should be placed on violence in TV
  22. Explain whether organ donations should be a requirement after death
  23. Explain whether the United Nations is viable anymore.
  24. Write about how divorce has a negative impact on children