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How To Start An Obesity Definition Essay: 4 Good Suggestions

There are several reasons why a lot of students find it difficult to properly write a definition essay. For a start, this type of paper requires you to give the definition of a given term or word. Not only is the definition expected to be thorough, it is also expected to be lengthy and make meaning to the target readers. Knowing all these, it becomes confusing as to what term or word you should try to define in your academic paper, such that you can have enough to write about it so that your readers can have a better understanding and where possible, other meanings of the given term or word.

Before you actually start writing your obesity definition essay, the under-listed tips should be taken into due consideration. They are:

  • Choose the right term or word: Knowing that your paper has to be lengthy and thorough, it is important that you chose a word that you can have a lot of things to write about it. The good thing is that obesity has a lot to be said about it that at the end of the day, you are sure to have enough information to write your definition essay on.
  • Check the word in the dictionary: Before you proceed with defining obesity, you should first determine how the dictionary defines it. This does not mean you will be relying on this dictionary for your writing but it will help you to further elaborate on the meaning of the word and at the same time, make comparisons of your own definition and that of others.
  • Make use of examples: The use of examples in illustrating the meaning of your chosen word or term makes it easier for your target readers to understand your definition essay. This is especially if the word being defined is an abstract or a formless concept. With your story or image examples, your readers will most like begin to relate to what you are trying to define or explain.
  • Use of negation:This is a technique that has worked wonderfully well for a lot of students. If you are treating a word like obesity, which has been misused severally, you can have a better hold on your target readers by defining what the term or word does not mean. For example, people tend to think that every fat person is obese but you can grab their attention when you explain that it is not every fat person that is obese.

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