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Tips And Example: Writing A Strong Problem Solution Essay

Writing a problem solution essay seems to be a daunting task if you are not prepared well. You should highlight a problem and suggest concrete ways of its solution. Moreover, you should convince the reader that your solution is the most sound and reasonable in this particular situation. To write a strong problem solution essay, make use of the following tips:

  1. Find your topic idea.
  2. To be effective, pick a topic with a problem you are personally concerned about. It will be easier and more interesting to look for solutions if you are worried by the issue.

  3. Create your solutions.
  4. Look at the problem from different angles to figure out the best solutions. For example, you may suggest some changes to the existing state of affairs, come up with new rules or laws, agree on a compromise, or take away the source of the problem.

  5. Make a strong introduction.
  6. In the introductory sentences, convince your reader that the problem is very important. Use facts and statistics, a true story from your personal experience, descriptions, or an imagined scenario to successfully illustrate the problem. .

  7. Propose your solution.
  8. Provide a detailed plan for your solution realization. Say what should be done and how it can be done. Remember about the possible reaction of your audience and have enough evidence to support your opinion.

    The body of your essay should efficiently represent your solution. Be sure to argue that your solution:

    • Can solve this particular problem;
    • Is efficient;
    • Is the most reasonable;
    • Will stand against criticism.

  9. Successfully finish up in your conclusion.
  10. Your conclusion should convince readers that the suggested solution is the best. Use real examples of similar solutions, provide numbers and facts, or describe the results your proposal will have.

The following topic examples might help you come up with your special problem solution essay ideas:

  • Teen pregnancy: how can it be prevented?
  • What is the best way to enhance literacy?
  • How can we help students get their first jobs?
  • What is the best way to eliminate procrastination among students?
  • What can be done about noisy neighbors in your apartment?
  • How can teachers encourage children to behave well in class?
  • What changes would you suggest to the current driving laws?
  • What technological innovations should be introduced in schools?
  • What is the best way to fight cheating?
  • How can students learn to take their tests more efficiently?
  • How can we make a friend switch to a healthier lifestyle?
  • What is the best way to escape a disastrous date?