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Coming Up With Interesting Job Shadowing Reflective Essay Topics

What Is a Reflective Essay?

A reflective essay is personal, subjective and gives the writer an opportunity to expressing thoughts in a coherent and intimate manner. There are two goals in such article that you have to achieve- a) you need to describe a memorable event in your life vividly(it can also be a conversation which was enlightening and engaging) and b) you need to delve in to the deeper meaning of that experience.

Why Job Shadowing is a Relevant Topic Here

Job shadowing gives a student a reason to sharpen her/his skills as a potential professional in future. Most of times, job shadowing takes place because of the affiliation of an educational institute and that of a business conglomerate. So if a topic related to job shadowing is given to a student as a task for a reflective piece of writing- it must be taken as a challenging exercise.

Tips to write a reflective essay

  • Before your start writing, ask yourself some personal questions like- whether the incident (here job shadowing) has influenced you or not. Cite reasons in both the cases.
  • List down the answers and formulate the whole article around these findings.
  • Don’t feel shy to flaunt your insights as reflective writings are all about personal insights.

10 Interesting Reflective Topics on Job Shadowing –

  • What was my experience in job shadowing a dentist in his chamber? That one-day re-confirmed my belief about the medical profession.
  • Does job-shadowing experience make a better professional out of a student? Narrate an experience from your own life and how it helped you further professionally.
  • Sitting inside the office of the CMO of a leading cola company and learning what makes a brand-smashing hit.
  • How my outlook has been changed about firefighters after my job shadowing experience in the fire fighters’ headquarter in my town.
  • Job shadowing made me confident for my first-ever job interview.
  • What I learnt in the headquarters of Red Cross? My changed perception about social cause happened on that very day.
  • The life of a fashion designer is not rosy from the inside- my job shadowing experience in a leading fashion house.
  • The responsibility of a magazine editor: My reflections after job shadowing her one-day.
  • One day in the life of an automobile sales manager: It was much tougher than I had ever thought.
  • How my aspiration of becoming a journalist strengthens once I job shadowed one of the leading scribes in my locality.

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