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How Obamacare Negatively Impacted The Budget

Health care is important and should be made readily available to all. It is the work of every federal government to make sure that the citizens of America enjoy good health care that is affordable to all. This is exactly what Obama was trying to do for the Americans when he introduced the Obamacare. This was received with open arms by people of the low income as they now were sure of quality medical health. This system was not good news to everyone and it was criticized a lot. It is true that even some people did not see a reason of registering with the Obamacare system.

Impact on budget

Obamacrae system like any other big project taken by a government had an impact. What many people and especially in the political field were talking and concerned about was the impact it would have on the nation budget. By that time America always enjoyed a surplus on its budget. It was however feared that with the introduction of the Obamacare, the budget would suffer a deficit of over a hundred billion dollars in time of one decade. It was also very clear that some government projects would have to stop and others have their budgets sliced to make the Obamacare work. This faced a lot of criticism from many people especial the rich who felt they could afford to pay for health insurance policies on their own.

Job creation and Employment

Obamacare also led to many people quitting their jobs and others slicing their work hours. This was because the harder you work and earn more, the higher the taxes you were to pay all in the name of meeting the target for the budget. This led to decline in the working culture of the country and in return to a decline in decline in revenue collection. This was a big blow to the budget as they had a larger deficit than anticipated. Some companies that used to offer health insurances were closed and this to lead to a decline in the revenue collection. America has then got to live on a strained budget so as to meet the Obamacare.

Obamacare was a good way to make sure that all people had access to good and quality health care. No matter the effects it has on the budget, its course was well intended and is better if it is supported by all. Its fruits will be enjoyed by the whole nation.

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