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How To Compose A Thesis Statement For An Opinion Essay

An assignment such as opinion essay writing includes giving a personal viewpoint on a topic of controversy. You provide insight on how you feel about something that has a unique effect on others. You may have a different point of view or share similar feelings on the subject. Your paper may work to reflect this element but have something that helps your opinion stand out. The thesis statement is the exact element or general statement that defines your opinion. Here are some tips to help you develop this part of your paper.

Define Your Position on the Situation

When you review your situation and your position consider opinions of others. This helps you define a clear statement you can prove as you complete your assignment. Your paper will detail your position or opinion. Your thesis statement should state where you stand and why. This should be written in about one sentence with concise details. Other parts of your introduction will give background details to support where your opinion came from and why you support it.

Consider Elements Necessary to Prove Your Point

Your opinion matters when writing this paper; make sure it stands out when developing your thesis statement. Your main idea is the point you want to get across. It should stand alone while having other supporting points in the paper act as evidence. This means you should have an idea of supporting points to back your main point or main idea. Think about details that make your point valid. Depending on the content you are giving an opinion about, you may need to review it again to ensure your points are clear and your thesis statement is concise and solid.

Use an Example Paper to Help Develop Idea

There are example essay papers you can read to help you create ideas. You can find these papers through professional writing companies, college university websites and academic paper databases. Example content makes it easy to study the main idea of the paper. Take notes on how the thesis statement stands out and how details following it support it. You can find papers related to your subject matter and get insight on how to present your opinion. Once you have read over a few example papers you can brainstorm ideas and create a few draft thesis statements.