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A Step-By-Step Manual on Writing a Literary Response Essay

Many students understand the content that is needed in literary writing types such as response essays. However, when it comes to formatting the document, they make mistakes that cost them lots of marks. If you have been given a literary response essay as your assignment and you are wondering how to organize your work in a manner that will earn you a good grade, here is a step by step guide that will be very useful.

  1. Ask questions: There are teachers that will provide you with writing prompts when it comes to literary response essay writing. Normally, you will be given a variety of topics to choose from. When this happens, you are lucky to have most of the work done for you. On the other hand, there are those times when you will be told to come up with a topic by yourself. The great thing about this scenario is that you can write about anything you fancy and your creativity is given a free reign here.
  2. Collecting evidence: After choosing a topic, the next step will be gathering the material that will form part of your literary argument. Take time and read books or organize any relevant field work. Doing extensive research will help you come up with detailed paper.
  3. Come up with a thesis: This is the claim that you will make and try to support with statements and evidence from your works of art. Formulate a good thesis that will have even the teacher thinking and questioning the things they think they know about the literary work they gave you to work on.
  4. Develop arguments: Focusing on the thesis that you have formulated, develop logical arguments from the texts. Look for evidence to support your claims. Remember that the amount and quality of your arguments will go a long way in determining how well your hypothesis and arguments will be received by the person marking your work.

The last and most important step will be taking the arguments and organizing them in a logical manner. Start with an introduction that will contain the thesis statement, proceed to the main body of the research paper and after presenting all your arguments, be sure to come up with a suitable contribution. When writing the paper, make sure that you avoid equivocating. Have a definite opinion and support it with sufficient evidence from the text. This will earn you good marks in your assignment.