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Creating A Winning Expository Essay For 4th Grade: Helpful Tips

The goal of an expository essay is to explain why or how something happened. It can also clarify how you fell about a subject. Some of the important words for writing prompts for this type of essay are explain why, explain, and in your opinion. You will need to use important reasons and vivid details to support your work. When you are not sure how to handle this type of essay, it is a great idea to find a little assistance. This guide will show you how to create a winning expository essay.

Five important parts of your essay:

  • Grabber: Write a sentence that grabs the attention of your audience and makes them want to continue reading.
  • Introduction: This will let your reader know what you are writing about. You should include a sentence that uses words from the writing prompt.
  • Body: This is where your details go. They should be in such great detail that your reader can see what it going on. Be sure to keep this section organized. It should include examples, reasons, and descriptions to help show your reader what happened.
  • Conclusion: This is a sentence that puts it all together by restating the main points.
  • Zinger: This should be like the grabber. It is a phrase or a sentence that makes your reader think.

Creating the grabber:

The goal of the grabber is to get the attention of your audience. You will need to capture their attention and make them want to continue reading the paper. There are a few things that you can add to your paper that will get your reader’s attention and make them interested in reading on. The first is a humorous statement. Using humor will gain the attention of your audience. You can also start with a shocking statement which is one that will make your audience say “wow”. You can use dialogue to start your paper. You can also ask a rhetorical question. Some examples of great grabbers are:

  • When I see my little cousin walking towards our house, I try to tie everything to the ground because he is like a tornado.
  • My mom cooked liver and onions for dinner.
  • My mom yelled “enough is enough, Robert”.
  • What would you do if you were stuck all summer with your boring one hundred year old neighbor?

Hope this guide helps you write an excellent paper. Don’t forget to create an outline to organize your ideas first. That is the most important part.