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How To Make Your High School Journalism Essay Stand Out

High school students learn the basics of journalism. As a result, they get assignments to write journalism essays. This type of high school academic paper is rather difficult because it requires a student to have not only good writing skills but also knowledge of different research methods. In this article, you may read some tips that will help you compose a great journalism paper that will make you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Do your own investigation.
  2. The story that you’ll describe in your work should be based on your own research. Use all sources that you can: conduct interviews, visit your school and public library, and search for information on the Internet.

  3. Make a good outline.
  4. Your essay should be well-outlined before you start writing. Organize the information you’ve gathered and divide your text into different sections.

  5. Compose your lead and ending.
  6. These are the most important sentences of your paper. The lead should tell your readers what your story is about. The ending should convey your final message to your audience and make them think about what they’ve just read.

  7. Use proper language.
  8. Read some journalism articles and examine the language that journalists use. Try to copy this manner. Use phrases and sentences that will attract the attention of your readers to the text.

  9. Focus on a single element.
  10. For your story to have a strong direction, you should concentrate on something. This can be an event, place, person, or even idea. Make sure that it’s interesting for your audience to read about the chosen subject.

  11. Include dramatic scenes.
  12. This will make your essay more colorful. Add some dialogs, scene descriptions, and action to your text.

  13. Use the third-person point of view.
  14. Your paper should be written in an objective manner, so you shouldn’t tell your story from the perspective of one of its characters.

  15. Concentrate on a story.
  16. Some students tend to concentrate more on their writing and usage of fancy words. However, good writing won’t save the story if it doesn’t have any meaning or educational component.

If you have doubts about using particular techniques or literary devices in your text, you may always go to your teacher and ask them for help. A good teacher will give you useful advice on how to compose your paper for it to be more interesting and original.

Don’t forget to proofread your work thoroughly in order not get a lower score because of numerous little mistakes.