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How To Create A Good Thesis For An Expository Essay: 6 Helpful Tricks

Before we discuss how to create a good thesis, it would be helpful to walk through an expository essay and exactly what it is. With students been called upon to write so many different types of academic pieces it helps to have clarity.

An expository thesis in one sentence

A “factual” as opposed to argumentative explanation of a topic or situation.

This could be something as simple as writing about your summer vacation, or trip to the dentist. Or it might be a factual account of a historical event.

So, with the emphasis being on hard facts as opposed to your own spin or perspective, it’s time to start running through my 6 helpful tricks for creating a good thesis.

  1. Pick a topic that you are completely familiar with
  2. While anecdotal accounts can be very compelling, they are harder to verify factually and also much harder for you to wrap your head around. If this is your first time writing a thesis then I would strongly suggest picking something that you know inside out.

  3. Walk through it chronologically
  4. It is vital that your findings are presented in a logical manner, therefore, running through it chronologically will help prevent any unfortunate mishaps. Because you are not expected to put forward any argument, then you will be completely required to deliver in a clean, crisp manner.

  5. Keep it concise and to the point
  6. There is no room for waffle or wandering off the point. Shorter is definitely better in this scenario, as a long, rambling thesis goes against the grain with the expository style of writing.

  7. Justify it in a few short sentences
  8. I know that I keep harking back to this but the fact that your essay is fact based means that the thesis should be a breeze. Facts are a lot easier to justify than supposition.

  9. Use sources
  10. Sources are a great way of backing up your thesis. Keep a meticulous list and don’t begrudge your time spent in the library researching your essay. It is all part and parcel of the process that you have to go through.

  11. Conclusion
  12. An expository styled Thesis relies heavily upon having a strong conclusion that pulls together and ties up all of the loose ends. By drawing together your sources you should easily get that fab grade that you deserve.

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