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How To Write An Essay Title Page: Advice For High School Students

Learning how to write an essay title page in high school is a valuable skill to learn. The benefit is that you can repeat this title page creation time and again as you go through high school and certainly into your college education.

A title page is really part of the mechanics of essay writing. The presentation is just as important as the research, the planning, the writing and the editing. You can in fact lose marks if you hand in a beautifully prepared and written essay which does not comply with the rules of setting up a title page.

Have a checklist

If you make a checklist of the various requirements of a title page and keep this checklist safe in a handy place, you can refer to it over and over in writing your essays. Of course there are different versions of how to go about creating your title pages but most characteristics are common to them all. Know these characteristics and double check with your teacher to be sure you are using the correct set of rules.

Here are some examples of the types of things you need to be aware of and to include on your title page.

  • The title appears about a third of the way down the page
  • The title has a capital letter for each new word except for very short words such as and, an, of, etc
  • There is no punctuation in the words of the title
  • However, quotation marks are used if a quote is all or part of your title
  • Your first and last name will appear under the title but with a gap of about 3 lines
  • Another similar gap is used before you list the course details
  • The following line will list your teacher’s name and title if relevant
  • If your teacher has a title such as Dr. or Professor, be sure to include this information
  • The date is on the next line and is usually written with a numeral for the day, the month in words and then the year in numerals

As stated earlier, it seems a little tedious when you first create a title page. But if you place a template on your digital device, it is easy to make the simple new inserts for your next assignment. Start the habit well and it will serve you for years.