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List Of Exciting Descriptive Essay Topics For Elementary Students

When a kid sees the Sun for the first time; he asks his parents what it is. This ‘why’ defines all our lives; we are curious about one thing or the other. We are rarely satisfied until we get a vivid description of the thing we are curious about. A thing remains ‘in the oven’ until it is cooked.

  • A rigid insurrection
  • The students, right from their middle school days, have to tackle an insurrection of descriptive essays. There is a simple formula to these essays. The body has to contain the nucleus; the derivatives relating to the thematic entity. They do it in their own way; a little half-baked; a little uncultured.

  • Pose interest
  • It is necessary to pose them with topics they find interesting. They then naturally are curious about finding more about the subject and their essays retain weight. For instance, if they are told to describe the adventurous tenet of Popeye the sailor; they can hardly put a foot wrong. However, ask them to define the tripartite alliance, and something bites them around their necks.

  • Excite them
  • Kids should be taught the art of description through illustrations. Description of faces is an excellent idea to put them into the groove. You can also ask them to describe their houses; family, friends or even themselves. Slowly they understand what description is all about and are more methodical about the essays.

  • Help them graduate
  • Kids anyhow get to tolerate a series of essays of all types. Therefore, they know the modalities; you may help them by giving them elaborate samples matching their standards. They should understand the value of analogies, focus and perfection. They should learn to stay within the word limit and carve a genteel way towards conclusion.

Here is a list of 10 quality descriptive essays for your convenience –

  1. Describe an adventurous day in your life
  2. Describe your neighborhood
  3. Describe your school and the existing educational patterns
  4. Elaborate on the cartoon characters you admire and give valid reasons for them
  5. Describe one of the family outings you have had
  6. Describe an imaginative encounter with a ghost and how you survived that experience
  7. Describe any agricultural harvesting from your perspective
  8. Explain why you love the teacher you admire the most
  9. Describe what will you do if you could take a ride in a time machine
  10. Describe your friend circle and how you like to spend time together