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What Is The Best Way To Write A Reflective Essay: An Effective Technique

If you want to know what is the best way to write a reflective essay, consider the effective techniques that are listed below:

The best way to write a reflective essay is to take time to think about yourself, who you are, and how you have changed. This is a very creative type of writing, something where your job is to evaluate yourself.

The reflective piece is a creative writing assignment where you have to examine your experiences and write about those experiences paying particular attention to how you've changed because of those things, how you've grown, or how you have developed. This particular assignment is generally given at the end of something or the closure to something such as the end of a semester or the end of a work-study program. Many teachers will require students to complete this work at the end of a semester so that they have an opportunity to evaluate themselves and how they're writing has grown or how they personally have grown as a result of the class.

The format for the reflective essay will vary ever so slightly contingent upon the audience. If you are writing this as part of your college course then your audience will be academic in nature but if you are writing it instead as part of a collection of short stories for work or for a creative assignment than your audience maybe a bit broader and might not be as academic in nature. But no matter who the audience is your format will remain roughly the same.

  • The introduction is the first paragraph and the purpose of this is to orientate your reader by sharing directly or indirectly the focus of your piece of writing. It is here that you identify the purpose and you outline the scope of your work if you want to know the best way to write a reflective essay. Some writers preferred to be indirect about the main topic or indirect about what part of their life they are going to focus on but if you are writing this for an academic assignment you should be more direct and explain what experiences or aspects about your personal life you're going too addressed first and foremost. At the end of this you want to also state your thesis.
  • In the body paragraphs use support all of your reflections with details. Explain how you've changed with supporting evidence and examples.
  • The conclusion is where you restate your thesis and you summarize all of the arguments that you have presented.