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What Makes Something Beautiful

Beauty and defining what is beautiful is a very difficult to do. There has been controversy over time of what makes something beautiful. The societies and individuals do not agree on the meaning of beauty. There may thus be no given criterion for what makes something beautiful. Generally, something that is beautiful may be considered to be pleasant to the eyes of the individual or the society. However what one individual perceives to be the beauty or beautiful may not be beautiful to another. It, therefore, becomes very difficult to determine what is beautiful and what is not in any given society. Traditionally, beauty was regarded to be values that are of the truth, goodness and justice. Therefore, traditionalists had their acceptable meaning of what makes things beautiful. Today, however, it will remain controversial on what makes something beautiful. There are different perspectives of beauty. Beauty can be said to be subjective or objective.

Subjective Perspective of what makes something Beautiful

There is the subjective perspective of beauty. The account suggests that when different individuals look at something they are free to comment and determine whether the item is beautiful or otherwise. The subjectivity of beauty allows us to see things and decide whether they are beautiful. The account suggests that beauty is in an individual’s mind. The way individuals see things, think about them and meets a certain threshold in the individuals mind is what makes something beautiful. Beauty being subjective means that everyone is entitled to their opinion on whether something is beautiful or not. No qualities of beauty have been set. In the subjective account of beauty, no one should be criticized for saying whether something is beautiful or not. This is because every individual perceives things differently. Therefore in the subjective account of beauty, what makes something beautiful is in the individual’s attitudes, sentiments thoughts and the mind.

Objective Perspective of What Makes Things Beautiful

The objective account does not require opinions of perceivers. Anything that meets the qualities set is considered beautiful. Anything that does not meet requirements set for beauty is not beautiful. Individual’s opinions can be discredited as beauty, in this case, is not subjective. Beauty in the objective account means meeting certain criteria and threshold. However even if beauty could be determined scientifically, it would not be right or fair to discredit other people’s opinions and thoughts of what the world is like.