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Essential Elements Of A Quality Rhetorical Analysis Essay

This type of writing targets factual literature and attempts to analyze what is said, the reasons for it being said and what the writer was trying to convey. There are several key features that must be contained in every rhetorical analysis paper, despite the writer being able to choose different approaches based on their own tastes. It the following points, I will outline a simple guide that will inform you of the basic elements of a quality, rhetorical analysis essay:

  1. Discuss the author’s choice of literary style.
  2. A list of important elements on rhetorical analysis papers would not be complete if it omitted this point for it is one of the first items a student attacks. There are many things one can discern from the written word and detailing it for such an assignment can prove fruitful.

  3. Discuss main strategies used by the author.
  4. To complement the point above, a student can expand on the various techniques used by the author of the article in question. Although the analysis of a scientific report may lack characteristics to discuss unlike most fictional or philosophical pieces of work, many still seek this angle for their paper.

  5. Reasons for use of specific strategies.
  6. A good critique of written work should include a description of the strategies used and subsequent discussions of observed strategies used in it. Including this study of the text can increase a students overall grade if the paper were to be marked.

    4. Show examples of these strategies in use.

    Highlight all the prominent areas throughout the excerpt that the various tabulation techniques were used and furthermore suggest changes and modifications that could be made to the work without changing the message.

  7. Discuss whether used strategies were effective.
  8. Based on the genre of work that you are analyzing, prepare to defend your opinions as you have authority to suggest or present alternatives to the original work. One must provide a reason or reasons why the particular section of the script be modified.

  9. Show which strategy was most effective.
  10. Debating which techniques and methods would best suit the grammatical situation found within the analyzed piece may be a tricky undertaking but with disciplined studying a student can acquire the knowledge to attempt this.

  11. Reference section for all parties involved in the original piece.
  12. Be sure to record all persons, sources and resources used in the completion of this academic assignment.