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A List of Good Topics for a Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and contrast essays are easy to compose if you take several important steps before you start writing your introductory paragraph. Firstly, you should choose a good topic. You should be interested in what you are going to write about, or else you will not be able to compose a strong paper. Secondly, it is recommended to begin with a small chart that visualizes the structure of your assignment. It should contain a list of comparable characteristics for both subjects that you compare. Some students prefer writing outlines instead of drawing charts. You should do whatever works better for you. Thirdly, look through your notes carefully and formulate your main statement. If you are able to do so, you can start writing your paper.

It is a good idea to consider your compare and contrast essay topics by looking through the list of ideas described below:

  1. Compare a Friday night to Halloween night.
  2. Explain similarities and differences between being a nerd and being a snob.
  3. Write about why Christopher Columbus can be compared to early astronauts.
  4. Describe why some people consider lying is the same as acting.
  5. Reveal the advantages and disadvantages of being super-rich.
  6. Analyze what influence of celebrities is, as opposed to the influence of parents.
  7. Explain what is similar when you are learning how to drive a car and how to ride a bike.
  8. Guess why some people prefer going to the cinema instead of watching movies at home.
  9. Tell the readers why you like living on a farm, as opposed to living in the city.
  10. Contrast being a toddler to being a teenager.
  11. Describe how physical beauty could reflect inner beauty.
  12. Write about the differences between being famous to being rich.
  13. Contrast you favorite characters, for instance write about Gandalf and Dumbledore, Frodo Baggins and Sam, or Spiderman and Superman.
  14. Describe the similarities and differences between species, for example describe crocodiles vs. alligators, birds vs. bats, or sea lions vs. seals.
  15. Explain why you like cooking using a microwave more, compared to cooking in the oven.
  16. Analyze why you would like to own an apartment instead of renting it.
  17. Find pros and cons in going abroad for holidays.
  18. Figure out benefits of private transportation, compared to public transportation.
  19. Choose the best candies: chocolate vs. cake, sweets vs. muffins, or fruit vs. ice-cream.
  20. Explain why you like reading magazines instead of reading books.