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Top 10 Engineering Essay Topics To Write A Winning Paper On

The topic that you pick for your essay is very important. If you don't choose a good topic, you will not be able to write a winning paper. You have to choose an interesting topic that is relevant to the course information. It is not always an easy task because there are so many topics that you can write on. To write a winning paper, you need to choose a good topic.

Engineering uses economic knowledge, social knowledge, and scientific knowledge to create processes and materials from the invention to the design to the research and maintenance. There are so many parts of the process that you will have many topics that you can write about. Here are some great topics to write your essay on.

  • NASA's Mars simulated trips
  • Innovation and the Aerospace Industry
  • Using pulsating plasma to reanimate wells
  • Nanofabrication
  • Use of wind turbines in the Arctic region
  • Charging Your Phone with Jumping Droplets
  • Cleaner hydraulic fractioning system
  • New technologies to promote a healthier planet
  • Modern applications of tribology
  • Drones used in hydraulic fractioning

There you have it. Ten interesting topics that you can write your essay on. They deal with modern age technology and its practical uses. Once you have chosen a topic to write about. You should start doing some research so that you can build a solid outline for your paper. Develop a thesis statement that will be the focus of your paper and talk about three supporting facts. You should read up on the subject a little before trying to compile these two pieces so that you can make sure to stay on topic. A five paragraph essay format is fine for this type of essay. That would include an introductory paragraph that gives some background information on the subject, three body paragraphs that work to prove your thesis, and a conclusion that restates the thesis and main points.

Choosing a good topic is very important. You want to choose something that interests you. As you were going through the list, was there something that immediately stood out? If so, that was your topic. If you didn't find anything that stood out, try reading through an engineering magazine or visiting an engineering web site. There are so many topics that you can write about. Make sure that you choose one that works out best for you.