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6 Best Places To Check For Proofread College Essay Examples

Writing a college admissions essay can be an incredibly nerve-wracking experience for students—not only is there a lot riding on it for them, but it is a difficult kind of essay to write in the first place. Students are expected to write something personal and inspiring, while standing out from a crowd of thousands of other applicants.

It can be helpful to have a good proofread college admissions essay example to get you started in the writing process. Check out these 6 best places to find one:

  1. Your guidance councilor
  2. There’s a good chance your guidance councilor or college councilor will have this kind of thing on hand, either from past students or that they have gathered from other resources through the years. Let them know what kind of college or university you are planning to apply to, as you’ll want to get a sample essay that matches the caliber that the college is looking for.

  3. Online search
  4. By far the easiest way to find example college admissions essays is to do a quick online search. There are hundreds of online resources out there. You should, however, be careful only to use ones that you have heard of or that seem reputable, like this great website.

  5. College prep companies
  6. There are several big SAT and college prep companies that have these kinds of resources available. The downside of them is that you may have to buy their book or materials if you can’t find them online for free or in your library.

  7. Friends and family
  8. Many students forget that they probably know tons of people who have gone through the college admissions process. While they won’t necessarily be the best ones out there, getting example essays from family and friends can be a good way to gather a bunch of them to get ideas.

  9. The colleges you’re applying to
  10. Some colleges, particularly those that cater to first time students or nontraditional students will offer sample essays on their websites or in their application materials. Even if the university that you’re applying to doesn’t have them, look around on other university’s websites.

  11. Online forums
  12. This is probably the most unreliable place to look for sample essays, but if you strike out with all the other places, online forums could be a good place to look. Just be sure to use your good judgement.