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Creating An Effective Essay Introduction: Useful Suggestions

Introduction is mandatory part of any essay. You should focus on this inverted pyramid keeping the essentials intact serving your particular purpose.

Keep following points in mind to create an effective essay introduction-

  • Make your introduction attention grabbing. Keep this part fresh and original and make your reader engrossed so that they continue reading.

    • The best way to write an influential essay is by offering an astonishing data that conveys something really interesting regarding the issue being addressed in the paper.
    • A well written quote also sums up the argument nicely.
    • Rhetoric questions also place readers in peculiar situation offering an opportunity to think about the situation from a different perspective.
    • An anecdote or story offers a personal connection and makes the reader emotionally involved.
    • Example: If your essay goes around the drunk drivers, write a compelling story that cites a situation making a lifetime change. You can begin like-

      “At 18, Michael was enjoying a promising career, high grades and scholarship programs but drinking devastated his career and ruined his life offering intimidating experiences”.

      This is the attention grabbing opener that pursues you to next element of the introduction serving purpose well. This becomes a transitional part of the essay that compels you to think as in why you have chosen this topic. Though the paper is really not about Michael but captures the attention stating how drunk driving brings distressing ends to people’s lives.

    • Here you must bridge the gap narrowing focus explaining the importance of the issue.
    • Define any key terms that readers should know.
    • Followed by that undergo a short discussion on drunken drivers issues. Discuss the gravity of the scenario as in how many individuals and family lives are shattered each year. This point will turn Michael’s story into a real topic that will focus on applying stricter penalties for drinking while driving.
    • Finally comes the thesis statement where introduction will make a concluding statement narrowing the inverted pyramid stating what exactly needs to be discussed. Here you can make your point clear which states why drunken driving laws insist on harsh penalties for the convicts for drinking under the influence of alcohol”. This is the time where your essay would support your thesis with reasons as in why and how stricter penalties should be implied and how they can bring transformation in the lives.
    • Prepare a road map which states that such acts are preventable and leads to premature deaths. They lead to undying injuries for the survivors and millions and billions of dollars are spent on medical expenses making the person and their family penniless.

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