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How To Write A Great Essay On Freedom Of Speech: A Helpful Guide

Many concepts that make up the idea that we know as ‘democracy’ are misunderstood but perhaps none more so than freedom of speech. If you intend to write about it you should look at it through the following lenses:

What do the words mean?

Each part of the phrase contributes to the overall meaning. Define the words ‘freedom’ and ‘speech’ separately and then analyze what exactly that means. Does it mean that anyone is allowed to say anything? How does that square with the concepts of slander and libel, both of which can be criminal offenses that incur fines or at the very least can be sued over? You can also look into the concept of hate speech and to what extent that encroaches on the ‘right’ of the individual to say whatever he or she likes.

How old is the idea?

It may be hard to conceptualize now but at one point in time, there was no such thing as a right to freedom of speech and the people in charge of governance did not even attempt to disguise that fact. People were expected not to speak ill of their monarchs or their clergy and accidental forays from expected deference were met with death or other severe punishments. Look into the revolutions that made such a concept worthy of discussion in the first place.

How has the concept of free speech evolved and shaped our world?

There have been instances in recent history where the concept has been used to excuse the use of anti religious imagery in the name of satire. In some ways free speech both protects and harms the individual or so some may say. You as the writer will need to decide on a position or at least carefully present both sides of the argument. There will be no shortage of examples to draw on from all over the globe.

How does it compare with the other rights of man?

This last bit ties in with the analysis of the history. Freedom of speech was part of a larger framework of ideas that some great and terrible leaders have put their names behind over the course of history. Think of how this one idea ranks in terms of importance.

By writing this, you can use your own right to explain itself.