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What It Takes To Write A Good College Essay In Art History

Well, there is no hard and fast rule to write an art history essay. However, for those who have done essays before they exactly know what should be done and what shouldn’t be done. Even, if you have written some in your grade school, you know the similar general rules apply:

  • Work on the essay timely
  • Do a proper research
  • Proper formatting is important
  • Don’t forget an intro and a thesis statement

The only thing that keeps on evolving is that classes are getting harder and the essays need to be better researched and written. Here are some ideas that you should when you want write a good college essay in art history-

Management of Time

Time management holds great importance in this regards. With efficient time management, you can work well on your essay, handle other pointers, work out the homework and assignment and revise the stuff again and again for a better presentation. Thus, it is about:

  • Keeping time aside to perform in installments in your essay
  • Step away to get a breather
  • Return refreshed to the essay
  • Repeat


This means searching, finding related matter and reading it out … all. You need to go for some note taking too, but usually reading helps. Since art history is a big subject, you have to narrow down the search by limiting to the area and topic on which you wish to write your essay on. And, if your lecturer has already given you the topic or genre, you can easily go for the search.

However, if none of the above conditions prevail, you need to find cracking and sculpt art history to a topic of your interest to make the essay interesting and manageable. Once you’re satisfied with the topic, you would wish to imitate what you found and draft a thesis. A full-fledged thesis statement will showcase your introduction and essay completely.

Write your essay

Rough draft, formation, citation and lastly bibliography are all included in the essay. The sections to worry about are introduction and the conclusion. Both have to be strong to grasp the essay.

Complete the essay

Somewhat direct, but at times, you don’t wish to do the essay. You should know that no matter how much you ignore or run away from the topic, close the tabs, you’ve to start with it one final day. So, just do the essay. Art history is interesting, once you take interest in the subject.