tips from academic writers

How To Do My Essay Quickly: 10 Useful Guidelines

  1. Plan your paper

  2. Understand the essay question
  3. Take your time in understanding the prompt or basic purpose of the essay

  4. List down the requirements
  5. This will help you understand the preferences of your teacher and refer back to the list whenever you feel stuck

  6. Choose a unique topic
  7. The topic of your paper is very critical. This might take longer than you expected but you need to choose a fresh and unique topic to compose a winning paper

  8. Carry out directed research
  9. Students often spend most of their time on research. You should develop a plan for research and do not waste any time here

  10. Create an outline for your paper
  11. Organize the available data by putting relevant data together and create an outline for your paper. It is important to reduce your efforts and save your time during the writing phase. Use bullets, headings, diagrams and charts to organize your data properly.

  12. List more than two supporting points for each major argument
  13. Each body paragraph in your paper represents one major argument. Ideally, there are three major arguments or body paragraphs in an essay. You need to have at least three supporting points for each of the major argument.

  14. Write your first draft
  15. When you have an outline and the data to include in your paper, you should start writing the first draft. This will hardly take 15 minutes if you have the data and ideas with you.

  16. Edit your paper
  17. When you finish writing the draft, you need to go through it carefully and see where it needs improvement. Some parts of your essay will need more details while others might need to cut down. You may have to delete irrelevant sentences and even paragraphs to make your paper look good. You should also check that the entire paper has the same direction and relates to the topic.

  18. Proofread before submission
  19. Whether you are in a rush or not, you should never skip this part in your assignments. You might be very good at the English language and have rare chances of making a mistake; however, it is very essential to proofread your paper. Sometimes we tend to ignore very basic spelling and typing errors because we are accustomed to seeing them. Take a quick break and come back to start with a fresh mind for ideal proofing.