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8 Ideas For Crafting An Essay About Small States Are Better

Students across the world engage in essay writing tasks, they start writing these papers in an early grade and continue writing them until higher grades. Sometimes the subject of the assignment is simple while others may be about less common areas. When you attempt an academic essay, you have to keep in mind that the structure of all of these assignments is the same. You have to start with an introduction where you present your topic to the audience and move to the body paragraphs for the major arguments in your assignment. The last section in your paper is the conclusion where you have to summarize everything you have discussed so far in the paper.

Creating an essay about small states are better means that you have to write an argumentative assignment. You have to persuade your audience of your ideas and tell them that what you are trying to prove. This means that you are going to take a stance on the subject and then support this stance with supportive arguments, logic, and facts.

  1. Create an outline for your paper by organizing the data in the right places. Use bullets, lists and headings to create an effective structure
  2. You have to convince your audience that small states are better than bigger ones. For this, first you will have to present your argument in the introduction in an engaging manner for the audience to stick with you. You can include a hook in the opening statement in form of a fact or a piece of information that can hold their interest
  3. Include a thesis statement in your paper, which presents the overall scope of your work. This should describe your audience what the rest of your assignment is about
  4. Write your first body paragraph representing your first major argument. This paragraph should contain relevant evidence and supporting points for this point only
  5. Create the rest of your body paragraphs based on the number of major arguments you have for the assignment. If you have three major arguments, you will have three body paragraphs unique in content and idea
  6. Write the conclusion of your paper where you will summarize everything you have written so far in the body of the paper. Be precise and clear at this stage
  7. Edit and proofread your work
  8. Get a neutral opinion before submisssion