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Art in Greece and Roman Empire

The ancient Greece and Roman Empire are very popular in History for the artwork. The use of art in Greece and the Roman Empire are very evident according to the History of the two. The Greece, for example, is considered to have had influence in the art in the Roman Empire. A lot of borrowings were noted in the Roman Empire art copied from Greek art. Art in Roman Empire and Greece and Roman Empire is explicitly discussed in history as an important component of culture. The different uses of art are also discussed. The different use of art by the Roman Empire and Greece included, use of art as a leisure activity, use of art to acquire items of use at homes and markets and the use of art to express nature and feelings. Art was thus crucial in both Greece and the Roman Empire.

Art in the Roman Empire

The artworks in the Roman Empire include; mosaic work, architecture, sculpture work and paintings. These were the major types and forms of Roman Empire Art. There other art types and forms that were considered to be minor. They included glass and metal work. The Roman Empire is one of the famous historical arts culture. They are said to have copied and borrowed the styles of artwork from Greece. However, the Roman Empire is considered to have had highest levels of creativity and brilliance in the artwork. The Roman Empire had styles of artwork borrowed from Egyptian and italic cultures. The diversity of artwork in the Roman Empire was very admirable and diverse. The Romans used art as an activity during leisure time. They also used art to express nature as it surrounded them. The Roman Empire also made the use of art to show daily life encounters with other people and also animals. The artwork in the Roman Empire was for all classes of people.

Art in Greece

Art in Greece is one of those that made a lot of influence in different cultures. Most of the artwork and styles of artwork in the Roman Empire are believed to have been borrowed and copied from Greece. The Greece mainly made pots for daily use as they needed them in their homes. The different colors they used for painting showed diversity in the art in Greece. The artwork also involved metal work. Creativity was high and new developments were made.