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9 Great Informative Essay Topics On The French Revolution

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Here are some topic ideas to get you started thinking about what you might want your essay to be about.

  1. Consider the French royal court at Versailles, prior to 1789. Evaluate why it existed and what was its contribution to French society and government.
  2. What was the role of religion in France in the 18th century? Consider both ideological and practical terms. How was the Catholic Church and the clergy viewed by the ordinary French community?
  3. What was the social, economic and political positions held by women in France during the 18th century? Was there more or less potential for revolution from women than men?
  4. What were the whispering campaigns that threatened the Bourbon monarchy? How did this practice endanger the monarchy?
  5. What kind of reputation did Marie Antoinette have and why would she have been considered a prime target for those who spread gossip, intrigue and propaganda?
  6. What relationship existed between the Bourbon monarch and the Second Estate. Was the political landscape shaped by tensions between the king and his nobles?
  7. How accurate is the history of the French Revolution, considering many aspects could have been forgotten, written inaccurately or even discredited? Has the validity of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen endured?
  8. Evaluate the causes and effects of the massacre at Champ de Mars? Did this event change how the new society was developed? How and why?
  9. What is significant about the date August 10th 1792 in regards to the revolution? Did the events of this date have an impact on French government and the society that resulted? How and why?

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