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Why Guns are Necessary

There has been a lot of speculation about gun control, and whether or not guns are needed in certain areas. While on the one hand, we hear about mass shootings, and kids that take guns into schools, because they sometimes don't know what they're doing, they use guns in a bad way, or in a way that hurts or harms people. One thing that the public needs, is to have officers who carry firearms to ensure the safety of the communities where people live. While you don't want to ever hear about a child carrying a weapon into a school, or even one accidentally misfiring one in the home, it is important and it is vital that people like officers, and the military, who are trained in carrying weapons, are allowed to do so and carry them to ensure the safety of the general public.


Because we have such high acts of heinous crimes, and there are criminals who are extremely violent, in some cases, they do have to be met with such violent force in exchange. Areas where we can help to control how these pistols and rifles are distributed, include ensuring that people who buy them can only buy them if they are licensed and if they work for the government, for example, or the military.

The military, officers and retired military should all be able to carry pistols and rifles as they work with them and, or, have been specially trained in how to use them. Additionally, hunters who shoot for sport should be allowed to do so because they understand how to use them and store them, as well.


Other ways to ensure that firearms are able to get into the right hands, include having registration cards for them, having a SKU numbers for them, where they are tracked back to you with GPS, and through special coding to work them. These are just ways that can ensure that they don't end up in the wrong hands. For instance, there was a case about a woman, who had a small firearm in her purse in a grocery store, and her child went into her purse and accidentally discharged it. While we don't want any case like this to happen, if we ensure that there are special locks on pistols and rifles, or codes that can where they can only be accessed or discharged if a code is added, can help to ensure that accidents are prevented and they don't get into the wrong hands because we need them for the protection of our communities, neighborhoods, and country.